Module 1: Preparing For Entrepreneurship

Main purpose of this module

Before jumping in with both feet, this module will lead you through initial reflections on if entrepreneurship is really for you, discussing the skills and talent you’ll need. From there, we guide you in determining a solid business idea along with identifying the needs of your specific target market.

Once those initial concepts are developed, we outline how you should thoroughly research your market so you understand what you have to offer, who you offer it to, and where they are located in the marketplace. Many failed businesses miss this important initial step and learn the hard way who and where their customers are and what they really want.

Finally, we help you refine your business by designing a winning brand and composing a business plan. You’ll also learn ways to present your business so that your imagery, location, and meetups with potential partners and customers are successful.

What you will learn

There are six lessons in this module. Here are the goals and learning resources for each.

Lesson 1: Are You Ready?

Discover your willingness, strengths, and challenges for being an entrepreneur.

Lesson 2: Your Big Idea

Develop a winning business idea that serves a ready market, and compose a suitable business name.

Lesson 3: Your Target Market & Business Brief

Define your target market and complete your business brief.

Lesson 4: Business Plan

Create the business plan that makes the most sense for you and your business.

Lesson 5: Market Research

Conduct significant market research.

Lesson 6: Your Brand

Build a unique brand that speaks to your audience and create a brand style guide to follow.